Kate Milsom

Kate studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduating in 1992, she moved back to her native London, where for a time she slipped into the world of graphic design and illustration, working for Raymond Loewy International, and subsequently becoming Course Tutor in Graphic Design at Lambeth College, and later a lecturer at Worcester University.

In recent years Kate has developed her Fine Art practice, winning both the Princess Michael of Kent Award and the Society of Women Artists Special Fine Art Award in 2020. Working in series, her paintings often investigate socio-political themes using historical comparisons to highlight contemporary issues. Employing the form of narrative portraiture the images are intended to ask of the viewer ‘Where do I fit in?’ and subsequently ‘Where do you?’ and ultimately ‘Are we all fitting comfortably?’.

Flagey in Autumn


The Fragile Land