Sustainability Policy

RENARD PRESS feels strongly that, in 2021, we cannot ignore our impact on the planet, so the following are the biggest areas we feel need addressing in the industry – and this, our promise to our readers, outlines what we’re doing to look after our environment. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Gone are the days of bubble-padded envelopes! In 2021, we’re all very aware of the single-use plastics in our lives – quite rightly, of course – so we use the more environmentally friendly cardboard ‘bookwrap’ to send out our books to reviewers and customers.

Considerations about paper is part of our workflow. Since we are committed to making beautiful physical objects, we do not print on recycled paper, which is known to yellow swiftly, but the papers we choose all have high sustainability credentials. You can also find out more about the papers we use to make our hand-bound editions here.

Publishing is often referred to as a ‘game of risk’, since it takes a lot of experience and an educated guess to work out how many books to print. Often publishers print in huge volumes, but then have to pulp the books – we maintain a slimmer stock so that as few books as possible are wasted in this way.

A slightly less obvious way in which we can measure our carbon footprint is in the energy we use – which is why Renard computers run on 100% renewable energy, and the heating, when we need it, uses 100% carbon-neutral gas.