Renard Acquires Reshma Ruia’s Still Lives

Renard Press is thrilled to announce it has acquired Reshma Ruia's new novel.

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Author Interviews


Renard Press Acquires The Green Indian Problem

Renard Press is pleased to announce that it has acquired Jade Leaf Willetts' debut novel, a story about a young boy who the world thinks is a girl.

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Renard Acquires Simon Mundy’s Waiting for Music

Renard Press is thrilled to announce it has acquired Simon Mundy's latest poetry volume.

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Dana Mills on Burgling Against Capitalism

Dana Mills, political theorist, lecturer, activist, dancer and author, considers 'Burgling Against Capitalism'

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Renard Kicks off Playscripts Series with Emma Zadow

Renard Press is thrilled to announce it has acquired the debut playscript of BBC New Creative Emma Zadow, Fridge.

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Black History Month 2020 – A Note on Phillis Wheatley

A note on Phillis Wheatley, the first published African American poet, and more information on Renard Press' Black History collection

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Renard Acquires Iain Hood’s Debut Novel This Good Book

Renard Press is thrilled to announce that it has made its first acquisition: Iain Hood's debut novel, This Good Book.

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Welcome to Renard Press, a new indie publisher

Welcome to Renard Press – a brand-new independent publisher, launched in June 2020. More information about the press and what we're trying to do.

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