Bibliographic information:
Imprint: Hay Press
ISBN: 9780993220203
Paperback • 256pp • £9.5
129 mm x 198 mm
22 April 2015
Territory: World English

Flagey in Autumn

Simon Mundy

Published by Hay Press, an imprint of Renard Press

Illustrated by Kate Milsom



ISBN: 9780993220203




A café in Brussels that puts people at their ease – artists with European politicians, their assistants and tousled intellectuals with bar staff, twenty-somethings in need of a job with thirty-somethings who have one.

Flagey is a comedy of manners that smiles refreshingly at Europe’s capital, relaxed and true to its context. Love and politics raise their heads and generally get smacked for the trouble. The Place Flagey is really there. So perhaps are some of those you will meet inside.

Simon Mundy

Simon Mundy studied drama at university, but soon veered towards writing poetry and reviews, and at 23 he found himself a music critic and arts journalist. A champion of the arts, he has served as Director of the National Campaign for the Arts and Vice-President of PEN International’s Writers for Peace Committee, and he co-founded the European Forum for the Arts and Heritage; he remains an adviser to the European Festivals Association. His writing includes biographies, novels, non-fiction, playscripts and poetry.