The Driver

by Maral Erol

The waves lap up along the sand
The runners glisten in the light
They sweat as they glide

I ride alongside in the passenger’s seat
The road spattered with cars
Windows open, tops down
The driver chatters on
The driver knows I can’t jump out
The driver knows I’m trapped

I watch from behind the window as cyclists whiz past
They move backward, no, forward
The driver chatters on
“Why can’t you do what you’re told”
“What’s wrong with you”

I stare out at the pristine clouds
I watch the waves caress the shore
The driver chatters on
“Are you even listening to me?”
“Why are you like this?”

I stare into the sun
My eyes scream for relief
I watch the water crash against itself
The driver drives me

The sun rages on

©Maral Erol, 2023