Truth or Dare and Other Stories – Book Launch

31 August 2023, Hatchards, Piccadilly, 6pm

Nadia Kabir Barb, Truth or Dare and Other Stories

Join us for the launch of Nadia Kabir Barb's short-story collection Truth or Dare and Other Stories at Hatchards Piccadilly, where the author will be in conversation with Awais Khan, author of No Honour

This event has now passed. Please see our events page for forthcoming events.
Truth or Dare and Other Stories

Nadia Kabir Barb

Right now, someone else’s life was in his hands. He couldn’t say whether it was a few seconds or minutes that they both stood staring at each other, but he had never been so scared in his life.’

In Truth or Dare we follow, spell-bound, as chance encounters bring violent pasts roaring into the present; we wait on tenterhooks as a woman sits by her husband’s hospital bed as both their lives hang in the balance; we watch anxiously as a homeless man begs a woman with her life and career stretching ahead of her not to jump to her death.

By turns comedic, heart-wrenching and moving, these stories paint powerful pictures of pain, love and empathy, and celebrate the power we have over one another. From the rain-soaked waterways of London to the bustling streets of Dhaka, Truth or Dare is a stunning collection that spans two continents and sees the best and worst in both.