Gods and Monsters: Writing with Myth and Folklore with Elizabeth Train-Brown

21 February 2023, Cosham Library, 7pm

Elizabeth Train-Brown, Salmacis

Broken into three parts with plenty of interaction and writing exercises, this workshop explores the significance of folklore, three stories from around the world, how to use folklore as metaphor for modern experiences, and researching deeper into myth.

This event has now passed. Please see our events page for forthcoming events.

Elizabeth Train-Brown

As recounted by the Roman poet Ovid, a young nymph, Salmacis, one day spied Hermaphroditus bathing; consumed with passion, she entered the water and, begging the gods to allow them to stay together, the two became one – part man, part woman.

An Eclectic Pagan, for Elizabeth Ovid’s fables are more than fiction, and form a framework for exploring identity. Drawing on the rich mythological history associated with the tale of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, and re-examining the tale through the lens of metaphor, Salmacis: Becoming Not Quite a Woman is a stirringly relatable and powerful exploration of gender, love and identity.

this is my lake salmacis, and i am the wild nymph
with a hollow in her belly and nothing between her legs