Every Trick in the Book – book launch

25 August 2022, Waterstones, Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, 7pm

Iain Hood, Every Trick in the Book

Join us for the book launch of Iain Hood's new novel, Every Trick in the Book, at Waterstones in Glasgow!

Waterstones says: Iain Hood takes on the spycops affair in a genre-deconstructing and playful take on the police procedural and undercover cop novel in his second novel, and he joins us in an exclusive pre-publication launch event! Come along and join him for a discussion of writing about politics, policing, and family, the ways current affairs play into his writing, and so much more in what promises to be an anarchically fabulous evening!

This event has now passed. Please see our events page for forthcoming events.
Every Trick in the Book

Iain Hood

There’s only control, control of ourselves and others. And you have to decide what part you play in that control.

Cast your eye over the comfortable north London home of a family of high ideals, radical politics and compassionate feelings. Julia, Paul and their two daughters, Olivia and Sophie, look to a better society, one they can effect through ORGAN:EYES, the campaigning group they fundraise for and march with, supporting various good causes.

But is it all too good to be true? When the surface has been scratched and Paul’s identity comes under the scrutiny of the press, a journey into the heart of the family begins. Who are these characters really? Are any of them the ‘real’ them at all? Every Trick in the Book is a genre-deconstructing novel that explodes the police procedural and undercover-cop story with nouveau romanish glee. Hood overturns the stone of our surveillance society to show what really lies beneath.