Bibliographic information:
Imprint: Hay Press
ISBN: 9781804471111
Paperback • 96pp • £7.99
129 mm x 198 mm
3 July 2024
Thema: FBA, WH
Territory: World English

Stupid Stories for Tough Times

Andrew Crowther

Published by Hay Press, an imprint of Renard Press



Publication date: 3 July 2024

ISBN: 9781804471111




In Stupid Stories for Tough Times a woodland spirit causes havoc in suburbia; a wayward uncle causes suspicion in the family; a ferocious troll seeks a friend; and Churchill’s statue goes walkabout in Westminster.

In much the same vein as the short stories of W.S. Gilbert, whose oeuvre Crowther knows more about than perhaps anyone else, these tales of life and death are filled with the impossible and the improbable, the ordinary and the absurd. Together these so-called Stupid Stories for Tough Times are a tonic for our times – a search for sense in the strange and baffling times we live in, shot through, as all good stories should be, with humour and observational wit, with purpose, fate and dogs.

Andrew Crowther

Andrew Crowther is not only the Secretary of the W.S. Gilbert Society, author of the major biography Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan, and the undisputed authority on the life and works of W.S. Gilbert, but is also himself a writer, author of the short novel Down to Earth and a variety of comic plays including Welcome to Paradise, Funny Men and Working Lives. His works seem to share with Gilbert’s a heartfelt belief in the complete nonsensicality of the universe.