Bibliographic information:
ISBN: 9781804470138
Large coffee-table paperback • 80pp • £15
195 mm x 260 mm
27 September 2022
Territory: World English

Opera Obscura

A Wholly Improbable Selection of Impossible Opera

Peter Kent

Illustrated by Peter Kent

Contains 90 full-colour illustrations

Large coffee-table paperback


ISBN: 9781804470138




Many musical and theatrical traditions walk the very narrow path between the sublime and the ridiculous, but perhaps none more so than opera, which, while maintaining an elegant reputation, makes a show out of princes making romantic speeches to soft fruit, noses being accidentally cut off and woodpeckers performing wedding ceremonies.

Opera Obscura is a beautifully illustrated collection that contributes twenty-five brand new impossibly madcap operas to the canon of magnificent absurdities, along with the intricate blueprints for several incredible opera houses and information on of a whole range of almost unbelievably incredible instruments.

Peter Kent

Peter Kent is the author and illustrator of almost thirty books. After a short spell at art school, he honed his illustration technique as a history teacher, bringing eras to life on the blackboard. Peter lives in Norwich, which, apart from naming a hospital after Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, has yet to make its name in the operatic world.

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