Bibliographic information:
Imprint: Hay Press
ISBN: 9781804470381
Paperback • 256pp • £9.99
129 mm x 198 mm
1 April 2023
Territory: World English

Never Laura

Ewgeniya Lyras

Published by Hay Press, an imprint of Renard Press



Publication date: 1 April 2023

ISBN: 9781804470381




‘I’d try anything that promised to free me from the prison of my body and its memories.’

A mysterious suicide pandemic sweeps the world, leaving nations reeling, pointing fingers. Losing her parents to the tragedy, Laura attempts to take her own life too, but fails. Fourteen years later, still trying to escape her pain, she meets a powerful entrepreneur, who promises her an expensive out-of-body trip – the biggest freedom money can buy – and she makes a deal that will change her life for ever.

Laura finds herself on a bad trip, and the technology merges with her soul, trapping her somewhere between death and insanity. When she wakes, she is not in control of her mind, and her body goes through radical changes, her consciousness stretching beyond the boundaries of her brain. The line between truth and dreams, between herself and the world, fades. To regain control, Laura must harness her new abilities, travel into the darkest corners of her soul and uncover a past she never knew she had.

Ewgeniya Lyras

Born in Belarus, Ewgeniya Lyras gained a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Prague, Czech Republic, and studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She ran a fashion brand, before moving to video production. Presently, she splits her time between Prague and California, where she writes and works as a video producer and editor.

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