Bibliographic information:
ISBN: 9781913724153
Concertina hardback • 10pp • £2.5
80 mm x 110 mm
13 August 2020
Territory: World English

Bars Fight

Lucy Terry Prince

Concertina hardback


ISBN: 9781913724153




Bars Fight, a ballad telling the tale of an ambush by Native Americans on two families in 1746 in a Massachusetts meadow, is the oldest known work by an African-American author.

Passed on orally until it was recorded in Josiah Gilbert Holland’s History of Western Massachusetts in 1855, the ballad is a landmark in the history of literature that should be on every book lover’s shelves.

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Lucy Terry Prince

Lucy Terry Prince (c.1730–1821) was taken to America as a slave, but her husband bought her her freedom in 1756. Bars Fight was her only work.

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