Bibliographic information:
ISBN: 9781804470855
Paperback • 72pp • £7.99
129 mm x 198 mm
31 July 2023
Territory: World English

Almost Adult

Charlotte Anne-Tilley



ISBN: 9781804470855




Hope’s leaving her home town up north for the bright lights of London. It’s going to be mind-blowing. Attractive Hinge dates, mature new friends… A job at a dinosaur-themed bar? Hell. Yes.

Several months in things are looking slightly less rosy. Her housemate seems to hate her and her manager’s a creep… But we don’t need to talk about that. Do we?

Almost Adult is a brilliantly funny play that lays bare the darker side of slick modern workplaces and the underhand employment practices that police them – or fail to – with stunning lightness of touch.

Charlotte Anne-Tilley

Trained at LAMDA, Charlotte Anne-Tilley is an award-winning actor, writer and producer who creates tragicomic theatre that combines quick-witted comic characters with gripping drama. Charlotte has won the OffWestEnd OffComm Award, 4theatre Best Debut Performance, Everything Theatre Award for Ingenuity and was nominated for Voice Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award.