Willie Foster 2

Watching the news: faces filled with sorrow, not knowing where they’re going or where they’re sleeping tomorrow.
Tearful faces and children’s cries; no winners, just losers, with fear in their eyes.
The ultimate deterrent for the world to save, in the wrong hands could send us to an early grave.
Our only hope is for compromise, and allow the bully to spread more of his lies.
Opinions vary and lead to confusion, but cool heads are needed to find a solution.
United in defiance, the world holds its breath, reluctant to take measures that may result in more death.
How quickly the transition from peace to war, the reasons unclear – only he knows what for.
To create a divide between East and West, preaching the doctrine only he knows best.
On one side an actor devoted to his role, on the other a dictator, world domination his goal.
Searching for answers, looking for solutions, to find a lasting peace without retribution.
Meanwhile the world’s open arms, full of guilt to appease, struggle to agree where to resettle the refugees.