My name is Yarema. I’m 16 and I’m from Lviv, Ukraine. At the moment, the situation in Lviv is calm and stable, but things can change at any moment. A few minutes ago, sirens started to scream. That’s how unpredictable the situation is. I want to say that sanctions that different countries impose against Russia aren’t enough to change the situation. It seems that the SWIFT blockation may help, but nobody is completely sure about that. Measures that are taken must be more radical and serious. Three days ago, the Russian military killed a family of five (two of them were kids). They have done that, and keep doing it for no reason. They are horrible, they aren’t people, they are monsters. They have no heart. They are the disappointment of humanity. I try to do my best to help my country. I block Russian propagandistic information sources. I do broadcasts where I tell people the news from official Ukrainian information sources. What can foreign civils do for Ukrainian civils? They can spread such information.

    1. Both Russian and Ukrainian civilians were attacked by the Russian army.
    2. The Ukrainian army is powerful, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need help from foreign partners.
    3. If you have the ability to donate some money to our army, visit this site.
    4. Go on the streets and protest, no matter where you are in the world. Spread information about the violence of the Russian military against civilians.

I’m a Ukrainian and it’s heartbreaking to see how many lives of my fellow citizens and militarists are being claimed at the moment. It depends on everyone when this hell will end, so please don’t be indifferent. We need your help right now. We are the same people as others are. We want to turn back to our normal lives as soon as possible. I’ll repeat again, it depends on EVERYONE.