How to be a Literary Explorer

14 October 2023, Hotel du Vin Sinners Enclosure, 12pm

Ann Morgan, Crossing Over

Pack your curiosity and journey off the beaten track with our Literary Explorer in Residence Ann Morgan in this whistle-stop tour of translated texts rarely seen in English that will turn reading upside down. Playing with ideas of truth and identity, and chasing down assumptions and biases, it will test what embracing not knowing can teach us about ourselves and our world.

This event has now passed. Please see our events page for forthcoming events.
Crossing Over

Ann Morgan

Edie finds the world around her increasingly difficult to comprehend. Words are no longer at her beck and call, old friends won’t mind their own business and workmen have appeared in the neighbouring fields, preparing to obliterate the landscape she has known all her life. Rattling around in an old farmhouse on the cliffs, she’s beginning to run out of excuses to stop do-gooders interfering when one day she finds an uninvited guest in the barn and is thrown back into the past.

Jonah has finally made it to England – where everything, he’s been told, will be better. But the journey was fraught with danger, and many of his fellow travellers didn’t make it. Sights firmly set on London, but unsure which way to turn, he is unprepared for what happens when he breaks into Edie’s barn.

Haunted by the prospect of being locked away and unable to trust anyone else, the elderly woman stubbornly battling dementia and the traumatised illegal immigrant find solace in an unlikely companionship that helps them make sense of their worlds even as they struggle to understand each other. Crossing Over is a delicately spun tale that celebrates compassion and considers the transcendent language of humanity.