Bibliographic information:
ISBN: 9781804471241
Paperback • 144pp • £10
129 mm x 198 mm
10 July 2024
Thema: DCQ
Territory: World English

Third Space

An Anthology of South Asian Poetry

Various poets

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ISBN: 9781804471241




British South Asian poetry is flourishing throughout the UK, but it is still not being amply reflected in mainstream publishing. The Third Space project was conceived by award winning artist and poet, Suman Gujral, and has its eye on filling this gap and celebrating the best of the South Asian poetry scene.

With funding from the Arts Council supporting various projects and events during the summer of 2024, Third Space culminates in this anthology of fifty South Asian poets, and is a celebration of talent, a communion of imaginations from all over the world and an inspiration for would-be writers with their writing career ahead of them.