The Female Soldier

Or, The Surprising Life and Adventures of Hannah Snell

Hannah Snell



ISBN: 9781913724047




Hannah Snell’s story begins in 1744, with tragedy. That year, she married James Summs, a Dutch seaman. Soon after their marriage, she fell pregnant – and Summs abandoned her. The baby died just a year after she was born. At this juncture, Snell donned a suit, assumed her brother-in-law’s identity and set off in search of her husband.

At first she joined the army, but, coming under the Sergeant’s lash, deserted, and went to Portsmouth, where she boarded the sloop of war Swallow and went off to capture Pondicherry. After that she fought in various battles, and sustained multiple injuries – some of which made it difficult to keep her sex concealed. In 1750, she returned to London and sold her story, which went on to pique the interest of readers for centuries and to inspire generations of men and women alike.

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Hannah Snell

Hannah Snell (1723–92) is known for the acts described in The Female Soldier – she disguised herself as a man and became a soldier so that she could track down her husband.