Bibliographic information:
Imprint: Hay Press
ISBN: 9780955005077
Paperback • 352pp • £11.99
129 mm x 198 mm
15 July 2011
Territory: World English

Shadows on the Island

James Eno

Published by Hay Press, an imprint of Renard Press



ISBN: 9780955005077




The Caribbean island of St James in the 1980s should have been paradise. Instead the post-independence rulers turned it into a perverted and corrupt private fiefdom. The US would not act because its Government is anti-communist and American privateers wanted to keep it that way. Britain didn’t care enough to intervene officially.

The disgusting practices of the Prime Minister and his family were too much to ignore, though. Philip Goshawk was sent to try to find a solution.

In this atmospheric political thriller James Eno catches the dark mood just beneath the surface glamour of islands in the sun.

James Eno

James Eno is the author of several novels.

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