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ISBN: 9781804471319
Paperback • 272pp • £10
138 mm x 216 mm
3 September 2025
Territory: World English

Relearning to Read (Renard Press Edition)

Adventures in Not-Knowing

Ann Morgan

Renard Press Edition
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Publication date: 3 September 2025

ISBN: 9781804471319

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Relearning to Read: Adventures in Not-Knowing invites you to turn the way you read upside down and see what falls out. Drawing on an approach to reading developed over more than a decade of interactions with stories and booklovers around the world through the author’s hit blog, the book puts not-knowing centre stage and plays with what examining the gaps in our understanding and the assumptions we use to plug them can teach us about ourselves and our world.

Many books about books celebrate the cosiness and consolation of reading; Relearning to Read does the opposite. Built on the realisation that to read widely we must make friends with incomprehension – because no one can be an expert in all the world’s literatures – it explores how getting comfortable with discomfort and owning our limitations can take us further and deepen our appreciation of the world’s complexity and richness.

Ann Morgan

Ann Morgan is an author, speaker and editor based in Folkestone. In 2012, she set herself the challenge of reading a book from every country in a year – a project that led to a TED talk and to the non-fiction book Reading the World: How I Read a Book from Every Country. Her debut novel, Beside Myself, has been translated into eight languages. Crossing Over, her latest novel, draws on her experience living just a few minutes from where many of the small boats crossing the Channel land. She is Literary Explorer in Residence of the Cheltenham Literature Festival for 2022 and 2023.