Willie Foster

The passion and bravery of the people of Ukraine, fighting for their country and their right to remain.
The power and might of the Russian aggressor, the onslaught one sided, too horrific to measure.
Bewildered and confused how to redress the balance, the West’s only weapons are sanctions for reliance.
A dictator full of hate with a history of corruption, determined and stubborn, hell-bent on destruction.
Hated and feared, a pathological liar, a political outcast, a social pariah.

Attempts to quell the inevitable onslaught, with honour and bravery we’ll remember those who fought.
Raining bombs that light up the night, convoys of tanks and Russian might.
Futile resistance earns a temporary delay, with cluster bombs falling on innocents each day.
Resorting to desperate measures to achieve their aim, the outcome unfolds like a reality computer game.
With the ultimate deterrent poised on standby, no winners, just losers, no time to say goodbye.